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Современный феминизм как секта

О том, как современные факультеты "gender studies" превратились в оплот антинаучного обскурантизма:

Is Modern Feminism Incompatible with Science?

"Ms. Airaksinen's concern is that feminism has been built upon ideas that can neither be proven nor refuted, precisely the sort of evidence-free groupthink that typifies unscientific thinking. Her criticism is blistering. She describes an ideology where supporting facts are few and "knowledge itself is considered a patriarchal construct.""

"[M]erely mentioning biological differences can be wrongthink. Or worse, as I learned in one of my classes, it can be upsetting to genderqueer or transgender students. Thus, some of the root causes of what makes men and women differ — hormonal, neurological, and biological differences — is left out of the discussion."

"[T]he thick academic prose of feminist scholars confers gravitas to what otherwise could resemble political propaganda."

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