beobahter (beobahter) wrote,

Winter is coming

Читатели "Вертухая" готовятся к приходу Ужасного Трампа:

‘I’m donating money’
"I am also donating money to causes that defend women’s rights, immigrant rights, environmental protections, LGBTQI rights, refugee help, native rights – all of the people that Trump wants to deny rights to."

‘Seek out human worth and dignity’

I’m working on developing a message of tolerance and reconciliation aimed at my liberal compatriots so that we can try to bring our country back together again. I’m collecting journalists and pundits who counsel respect and compassion: I will follow them and forward their words.

‘Protect my investments’

Since Trump’s win, I have dramatically changed where and how I choose to invest. While I still fund my 401k as much as my employer will match, I now invest a much higher percentage of my savings in Bitcoin and other non-traditional investments than I would had the elections played out differently.

‘We’ll have to delay retirement’

We are a middle-class couple, ages 60 and 62. We have worked hard all of our lives, paid our taxes, volunteered in our community when possible. Just your typical middle-class people. With Obamacare, we had planned on retiring at the end of the year. That’s changed now.

‘I’m stockpiling hormones’

Transgender people like myself were understandably panicked when Trump was elected. Between Vice President-Elect Pence’s support of conversion therapy and the outright homo- and transphobia of most of his staff, many of us are convinced we will no longer be able to live our lives under the marginal advances that have been made previously.

That’s why I’m stockpiling meds as if I were in a doomsday scenario. Through a recent glitch at the pharmacy, I had been receiving three times the amount of my usual hormones for several months. By the time Donald Trump was elected, I had a year’s worth of hormones.

‘Avoiding him as best I can’

I’m preparing for the Trump administration by rethinking my media consumption. Trump is clearly a narcissist and a showboater who will use the media to show off daily without question. I can already tell by his cabinet picks what the tone will be. My ultimate goal is to hear his name or see his face as little as possible.

‘Will be watching out for similarities with Nazism’

I will track the parallels between National Socialism in Germany in the 20s and 30s and Trump’s rule. This will include populism based on economic angst and the attendant fear, hatred and xenophobia.

‘Read about how brave people act in impossible times’

I am reading speculative fiction, like The Book of the Unnamed Midwife by Meg Ellison, Children of Men, by PD James, Timescape by Gregory Bedford, Liz Jensen’s The Rapture and Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being. I find they provide the best set of instructions for how brave people act in impossible times.

‘Refilling my medicine cabinet early’

I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, the progressive degenerative neurological disease for which there is no cure. Life already had a new sense of urgency following my diagnosis. That’s even more the case now.

Like many others with “pre-existing conditions,” I risk losing much if Trump carries through with his plans to end Obamacare.

‘Time to get a second passport’

I’m eligible for German citizenship, which has never interested me before. However, since I believe a Trump presidency will have a seriously destabilizing effect upon the country, I intend to fill out the paperwork and become a dual citizen. I just want to be sure I’ll have somewhere to flee to if it becomes necessary.

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