beobahter (beobahter) wrote,

Newsweek и апологетика исламистов

Великолепный образчик левого мышления, на этот раз в Newsweek. Главная идея: исламисты конечно бяки, но надо научиться с ними сосуществовать. И не все радикальные исламисты - террористы.

The groups that advocate these policies are ugly, reactionary forces that will stunt their countries and bring dishonor to their religion. But not all these Islamists advocate global jihad, host terrorists or launch operations against the outside world—in fact, most do not. Consider, for example, the most difficult example, the Taliban. The Taliban have done all kinds of terrible things in Afghanistan. But so far, no Afghan Taliban has participated at any significant level in a global terrorist attack over the past 10 years—including 9/11

Экие жывотные, прости господи, эти современные левые. Духовные наследники апологетов Сталина и Гитлера...


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